We like transparency:

At TECHNO POL FRANCE we like transparency and our business model is straightforward: if you want your technologies to be promoted in France or onto the European market, then you will be asked – as part of our contract – to pay a lump sum of at least 6000 PLN (1500 EUR) for a period of 3 months for inbound or outbound services as contracted.

You may ask yourself: “Why on earth shall I pay at the beginning while nothing has been done yet ?” Well, what would you do if you had dozens of people who want you to promote their product or services ? Please, understand me: which criteria shall I choose to cooperate with you ? Then, upwards payment sounds logical, doesn’t it ?

Once I get the payment, I will accomplish the terms of our negotiated contract: outbound actions and/or inbound actions.

As outbound actions, we do understand:

  • data base creation
  • sales contacting (such as LinkedIn requests, direct e-mailing, phoning)
  • sales analysis and strategy

As inbound actions, we do understand:

  • social media campaigning (such as posting articles on LinkedIn)
  • blogging (such as posting articles related with your product portfolio on TECHNO POL FRANCE website)
  • both social media campaigns and blogging
  • recruitment of a sales agent on targeted market

Your solution & TECHNO POL FRANCE marketplace

At the end of the period (3 months, 6 months) and if contracted as so, your tech solution may still be part of our portfolio on this website.

“A sales agent without success fees is not a sales agent” – G. Malandain, Techno Pol France

Success fees will be stated in our negotiated agreement.