I wanted to share my thoughts with you, advanced technology buyers, about sourcing from so-called “low cost” countries.

Some people will say that Poland is a country of workers who still turn steel bolts, or of low-cost IT specialists. Well, no more prejudices!

In the few years I have been working with coders and designers of all kinds, I have had the opportunity to work with many good computer and electronic engineers. Their salaries have been increasing significantly, as they have everywhere for years, but they are still attractive compared to the services provided in France.

So, what would you say about a technological airlift from Poland? “I’m not interested”. But why? Because of a lack of confidence? No. I am here. For fear of being misunderstood? If you speak English, don’t worry. If not, I will also support you.

In short, I am here to accompany you in this process and to get to know a country – whether you like it or not – that is a member of the European Union and therefore part of the so-called “single” European market.

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