I had the opportunity to “test” and meet all the tech companies I do represent as TECHNO POL FRANCE.

My starting point, as an international sales agent, is to say: “Yes, those companies are reliable”.

SMA Magnetics

Manufacturer of chokes, transformers and other power conversion custom solutions.

In 2020, I was recommended inside the company and started cooperation with SMA Magnetics, subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, one of the main producer of solar inverters worldwide.

Competitive advantage: global corporation, economies of scale, production together with tech consultancy (R&D)


SCAN IT is a software house, founder and owner of a “NAC” view software. NAC is an abbreviation meaning “Network Access Control” enabling access to company network.

I had the opportunity to meet SCAN IT at ITmatch – virtual IT/ICT cooperation day 2021.

Competitive advantage: market tested software, software references

NACview logo

Nextep Technologies

IoT and IT engineering company, with knowledge and assets aimed at collecting, transferring and integrating data from energy meters. Solution to be distributed on Orange Live Object.

With Nextep Technologies, it is a long history: everything started with networking and I started working for the team in 2015, first at full time, later as a freelancer and have still kept in touch with the team of IT developers and general management. Our new cooperation started in summer 2022 (look at my shirt below:-)

Competitive advantage: ready to use tech assets, technology transfer

Nextep Technologies Techno Pol France

“AE Steel”, “Smart PD” and “ENG-IN PROJEKT”

I met their founders at Kielce Technological Park where Techno Pol France is registered. Those are great guys who found out that acoustic emissions can be used to forecast technical problems in tanks or pipes (leakage – AE Steel), electric transformers (breakdone – Smart PD) and diesel engine injectors (breakdone – ENG-IN PROJEKT).